Turnkey Solutions for mobileHealth

We seamlessly integrate hardware, software, and services on smartPhones and tablets
into solutions that provide a beautiful user experience.

The Hardware

Flexible Magnetic Interconnects

We utilize our patentend interconnects to provide elegant, rugged detachability and docking for power and data.
US Patent 8,187,006


smartEnclosures are "IP 67" waterproof. Submersible 1 meter for 31 minutes


smartEnclosures are layered with BioCote™. BioCote continuously kills germs.

USB Interfaces

smartEnclosures couples peripherals and syncs data via USB interfaces from our FMI connector or from a microUSB cable.

Integrated Peripherals

smartEnclosures provides interfaces via the microUSB interface that enables the layering of RS232 type peripheral interfaces

Apple MFI Certified

smartEnclosures are Apple ™ Made For iPad(MFI) certified and are a certified MFI licensee

The Software

Secure, Encrypted - HIPPA Compliant

Data stored on Carson™ is encrypted via AES 256 and is HIPPA compliant.

Relevant Medical Profile

Complete medical profile, history, and charts in one secure location

Tele Conference

Connect securely with physicians, nurses, pharmacists, care delegates, and family


Track all medications. Obtain medication details for the National Institute of Health database. Reorder prescriptions.

Event Management

Schedule all events, appointments, medications, therapy sessions. Record and log events. Notify all relevant parties.


Seamlessly order services and deliveries: transportation, groceries, meals, handy.

The Services

Mobile Device Management

We partner with IBM ™ to provide a complete remote device management solution.

Data Plans

We partner with Verizon ™ to provide an always connected turnkey solution.


smartEnclosures provides a custom configuration such that all pieces to the turnkey solution work seamlessly.


smartEnclosure turnkey solutions arrive ready to use out of the box.

Technical Support

24/7 technical support is available for immediate response and resolution of questions or issues

Consulting & Customization

smartEnclosures can be customized for a specific medical requirement. We offer consulting services and application developement support.

Turnkey Solutions

Alzheimers, Oncology, Post-Op